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Tuesday, 09 February 2016
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Written by Ray Henry   
Thursday, 20 August 2009
This week the Academy of Management of held its Annual Meeting in Chicago.  Over 10,000 members attended this year’s meeting, the highest number ever. This week the Academy of Management of held its Annual Meeting in Chicago.  Over 10,000 members attended this year’s meeting, the highest number ever. 

The OCIS program was another wonderful success.  This year’s keynote was given by Robert E. Kraut, the Herbert A. Simon Professor of Human-Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University (http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~kraut/).  The keynote address can be viewed from the OCIS website at http://ocis.aomonline.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=549&Itemid=32

There were 103 papers and 8 symposia presented in the OCIS program.  This represented a 55% acceptance rate for papers and 57% acceptance rate for symposia. 

In January 2009, OCIS received 187 papers and 14 symposia proposals for a total of 201 submissions.  This represented a 14% increase over 2008.  In particular, the number of symposia proposals significantly increased (from 2 to 14).At the same time, 377 people registered to review for OCIS (a 20% increase over last year), a total which includes 35 Associate Editors (AEs).   Together this team provided more than 550 reviews and more than 200 AE reports – all completed within 5 weeks!    These reviews not only provided the basis for selecting papers and symposia, but they also provided OCIS submitters with valuable feedback for developing their work.

One of the symposia, designated as an “All Academy Showcase Symposia” on Materiality and Organization Studies was co-sponsored with the Organization and Management Theory and won that Division’s Best Runner-Up Symposium Award.  Congratulations to organizers Anne-Laure Fayard (Polytechnic Institute of New York U.) and John Weeks (IMD).  Presenters also included Brian Pentland (Michigan State U.), Kimberly Elsbach (UC, Davis), Paul Leonardi (Northwestern U.), Beth Bechky (UC, Davis) and discussant Wanda Orlikowski (MIT).

Here is the list of OCIS Awards and Awardees presented at the OCIS Business Meeting on Monday afternoon.

Best Paper Award:  Gerald Kane (Boston College)

Best Paper Award, First Runner-Up:  Tat Koon Koh (Carnegie Mellon U.), Mark Fichman (Carnegie Mellon U.), Robert Kraut (Carnegie Mellon U.)

Best Paper Award, Second Runner-Up:  Kunsoo Han (McGill U.), Sunil Mithas (U. of Maryland) 

Best Student Paper Award:  Melissa Mazmanian (MIT, soon at UC, Irvine)

Best Interactive Paper Award:  Bijan Azad (American U. of Beirut)

Best Visual Paper Award:  Maris Martinsons (City U. of Hong Kong), Robert Davison (City U. of Hong Kong) and Qian Huang (U. of Science and Technology of China—City U. of Hong Kong Joint Advanced Research)

OCIS Dexter Award:  Natalia Levina (New York U.) and Aimee Kane (New York U.)

DeSantis Award and OCIS Newman Award Nominee:  Shirish Srivastava (HEC, Paris)

Best Reviewer Award:  Mohammad AlMarzouq (Clemson U.) 

Best Published Paper Award:  Eric Overby (Georgia Tech U.) for “Process Virtualization Theory and the Impact of Information Technology” in Organization Science (March-April, 2008).

Best Published Paper Award Runner-Up:  Jeanne Wilson (College of William and Mary), Michael Boyer O’Leary (Boston College), Anca Metiu (ESSEC, Cergy Pontoise Cedex, France) and Qunitus Jett (Dartmouth College) for “Perceived Proximity in Virtual Work:  Explaining the Paradox of Far-but-Close” in Organization Studies 29(07). 

Brian Butler
OCIS 2009 Program Chair
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